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We are pleased to offer faculty a wide array of activities to help facilitate their professional development in the scholarship of education and the art of learning. The Center for Academic and Professional Enhancement (CAPE) continuously strives to offer activities that help keep faculty as educators abreast of innovation in the field of health education and professional development. We wish to help faculty grow as effective facilitators and evaluators of student learners. You are welcome to contact us to offer your suggestions on topics, speakers, and new ideas for faculty development. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Best regards,

Sheree J. Aston, OD, MA, PHD
Vice Provost, Office of Academic Affairs


Our mission is to support the institution’s mission by supporting faculty in their development as effective teachers who facilitate and assess student learning through engagement, innovation, incorporating and conducting educational research and create effective learning environments.


The Center for Academic and Professional Enhancement (CAPE) will provide opportunities for faculty to develop as excellent teachers who facilitate student learning in innovative ways. We anticipate the demand for faculty to document evidence of student learning to increase by external stakeholders, and towards this goal, we will collaborate with faculty in conducting and disseminating educational research.

Our Services

CAPE Presentations

We offer a multitude of workshops on different topics ranging from classroom assessment techniques to test item writing. Check our registration website to sign up or browse our schedule to see what activities are on the horizon.

On-Demand Training Options

CAPE is proud to present on-demand training options that empower faculty and staff to take professional development into their own hands – accessing training when and where they want it.

Below are a couple of examples, but to see more head over to the ‘Online Resources’ page. – is a professionally produced training solution that provides on-line training on a myriad of software products as well as business and creative topics. Access is provided through the WesternU Portal under the “How Do I” link.

Watch this video to find out more

20 minute Mentor Commons & Magna Commons archive of Full Length Webinars – through a leading training provider in higher education topics. Each on-demand webinar provides a comprehensive presentation –  in approximately 20 minutes the videos from Mentor Commons will allow you to maximize your training time and still leave plenty of time for your teaching and the students; whereas the Magna Commons videos  (60 to 90 minutes long) are that webinars allow you to dedicate more time to current and relevant topics related to teaching and learning. E-mail to if you need the WesternU authorization codes that will allow access under the University subscription.

New Faculty Orientation

Held annually in July at the start of the academic year, this orientation provides information on departments, services and resources that new faculty will find valuable in their roles at Western University. The New Faculty Online Orientation web page is a handy companion resource that can be accessed anytime.

Outside Guest Speakers/Facilitators

The faculty members listed as guest speakers have volunteered to be available to the news media in the areas of their individual academic expertise. Visit our Experts Guide to learn more.

Academic Boot Camp

Our hand-picked team of presenters for Academic Boot Camp (ABC) introduces new faculty to concepts in teaching and learning especially those that are specific to Graduate Medical Education. Faculty are hired because of the expertise and talent they possess in their profession, but ABC helps to cultivate concepts and talent in pedagogy – topics in which most medical professionals are not versed. ABC is a multi-day interactive program that mixes presentations and hands-on activities to help clarify concepts for participants. It also provides a chance for faculty from the various colleges of WesternU to interact and forge interprofessional relationships.

Needs Assessment and Evaluation

CAPE periodically assesses what kinds of activities should be offered through surveys and discussions with faculty, Deans, the administration and the Faculty Development Committee. We also document participant ratings of all CAPE activities and workshops which help direct how to improve our future activities.

Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee brings together CAPE and faculty representatives who are interested in faculty development and teaching and learning issues, from each of the colleges. Together members advise and direct CAPE activities in areas most beneficial for faculty.

Measuring and Assessing – Teaching and Learning Styles and Other Standardized Tests

To assist faculty in their ability to measure student and faculty teaching and learning styles, Institutional Research offers multiple instruments to measure individual styles, such as the online Keirsey Personality Sorter and Grasha Teaching Style Inventory. In addition, critical thinking and ethical reasoning test instruments can help measure student achievement of specific learning objectives for educational research and scholarly teaching projects. Contact our office for more information on ordering and administering these tests, some at no cost to programs.

Continuously Learning about New Innovations in Health Professions Education

Keeping abreast of the latest innovations in health professions education is a large task – our unit keeps up to date through conferences and institutes, both regional and national. In addition, we can offer financial support to faculty who are pursuing innovative teaching and learning projects and seek to travel to scholarly meetings.